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Smart Kit 360 App Download for Android | All in One App

Download Smart Kit 360 App latest version for Android devices from APKWing. It is a free productivity app for Android developed and offered by Kafui Utils.

Smart Kit 360

About Smart Kit 360

Smart Kit 360 is an all-in-one useful Android tool that does the work of multiple apps. It is very small in size, even smaller than some of the common standalone application. By using this multi-purpose app, you'll be able to save a lot of memory space, time, and frustration searching for all the tools you use.

Check out these important tools:

Smart kit 360 app download

By installing the latest APK of Smart Kit 360 on your phone, you can replace the work of about 32 apps with a single app. All these tools are arranged in categorized in such a way that finding them is very easy. Some of these tools are utility, calculation, conversion, productivity, navigation, and measuring tools.

All the 32 tools included in Smart Kit 360:

  1. Heart Rate Monitor - Measure your heart rate and observe a real-time pulse using your device camera. By checking pulse, you can get a information about your health.
  2. Translator - You can translate one language to another with a word to word translation.
  3. Multilingual Dictionary - One of a kind online dictionary for almost every language.
  4. Cache Cleaner, RAM Booster - Clear junk files, residual, cache and speed up RAM usage.
  5. Exercise Timer - Set the timer before you hit the gym.
  6. Battery Saver - Optimizes and extends the battery life of your phone by killing background apps.
  7. Speedometer - Calculates the driving speed of your journey.
  8. Map - Find places, know your current location, and get directions using GPS.
  9. Currency Converter - Convers currencies of different countries with the latest rate. 
  10. Magnifier - Make smaller items appear on the screen larger. 
  11. Notepad - You can write notes in your favorite color. You can also backup them.
  12. Protractor - Calculate level, slope, and incline of any object. 
  13. Audio, Video Cutter - Cut the specific part of any video. Just select the part you want to cut the tool will do the rest.
  14. Metal Detector - Measures magnetic field using the magnetic sensor. If any metal is near, the magnetic field will increase.
  15. Mirror - See your face using the front camera even at dark.
  16. Compass - Shows precise compass in outdoor activities. 
  17. Code Scanner - It lets you scan QR code and barcode using your phone camera. 
  18. Unit Converter - Converts standard physical units like length converter.
  19. Audio Recorder - It can easily record sound and music playing on your smartphone or nearby to it. 
  20. Stopwatch - Measure the time elapsed from the start to end. 
  21. Pitch Tuner - You can easily tune your instrument and voice using the microphone.
  22. Calculator & Graph - Perform simple mathematical calculations with graphs.
  23. File Manager - Manages files on your Android phone.
  24. Abacus - an Ancient calculating tool for calculating numbers.
  25. Leveler - a tool that checks the levels.
  26. Sound Meter - measures the environmental noise in decibel (dB).
  27. Altimeter - measures your altitude using GPS.
  28. Metronome - brings sound at a regular interval. Many musicians use this tool.
  29. Checklist, Reminder - Do make a reminder for the future date so you won't miss any important task. 
  30. Ruler - measure the dimensions or straight line.
  31. Flashlight - converts rear camera into a torch.
  32. Vibrometer - measures vibrations on all dimensions and earthquake vibrations using accelerometer sensor.

Features of Smart Kit 360

  • Multi-purpose Android tool.
  • Tiny size and doesn't consume extra memory.
  • Work of 32 apps can be replaced by a single app.
  • Requires sensors to use all the tools.
  • All the tools are categorized beautifully.
  • Save lots of disk space and keep your device running smoothly.
  • All the Social Media in one app.
  • Create shortcuts on home screen.

App Information

App version: 1.7.1
Supported Android Version: Android 4.0 or later
Offered by: Kafui Utils
App Size: 7.5 MB
Downloads: 1,000,000+ downloads
License: Free
App Package: com.kafuiutils

Download Smart Kit 360 for Android

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